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God give you strenght and courage
I'm still praying for you and your family. May God give you closure soon. I would not want to be the person who has taken your beloved daughter. The wrath of God is upon anyone who may have hurt her. If your daughter is no longer on this earth, she surely is in heaven with our Lord Jesus. There is no finer place to be!

God bless you all.


~ , Met her family at Singer Island ~ 05-01-2008

I thought of you today as I often do. Today I took the time to come here and express my prayers, hope, and wish for comfort for you and your family. I sincerly hope that God will lead your family to the truth very soon. I will continue to pray for you all. God be with you.

~ , FRIEND ~ 04-06-2008

I'm sure it must be very difficult for the family to wonder day after day what happened to Ali. She is somebody's daughter, sister, aunt, neice, granddaughter;etc. Somebody out there knows what happened to Ali. She didn't make herself disappear. I pray and hope God will put a wrath on whoever is responsible for Ali's disappearance. For the family; Continue to pray and in due time, God will reveal to you exactly what happened. DON'T EVER STOP PRAYING!!

~ , No Relationship ~ 03-25-2008

Heart of Hope
To the Grimsley family, my heart was shadowed to know that Ali is missing. 2years she has been gone and I just found out. I came home to at my year book and old pictures. I pray that closesure comes soon.

~ , Classmate & Friend ~ 03-12-2008

Still Missing You
It's hard to believe two years have come and gone. Time has passed but the pain remains. Somewhere there is someone who knows something. Ali's fmily and friends need closure. Plese come forth with information. Ali, we miss you and we will never, never, never lose hope.

~ , Sister ~ 02-22-2008

Still praying
Dear Family,
I sitll have the magnetic card on my desk. I pray for your comfort and for Ali.

God bless you all. Jann

~ , Met her family recently in Singer Island ~ 02-15-2008

Blessings to her family
To Ali's precious family and to you Ali, may God wrap you up in a big hug. I believe today is the second anniversary of your

~ , Met her family recently in Singer Island ~ 02-03-2008

Wow hard to believe it's been 2 years already!
It's so hard to believe it's been 2 years since they first told everyone about you missing I don't get the chance to get on here much I think of you often and wonder if anyone has heard from you.
I know alot of people miss you and are still looken for a closer in there lifes and hopefuly one will come.
I hope that where ever you are or what ever happen to you something good will come out of all this.. Your loved and missed by many and I hope for tha best with you..

~ , Use to work at publix with Ali ~ 02-03-2008

You are not forgotten
Ali, you must know by now that you have not been forgotten. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and all of those who love you as the 2nd anniversary of your disappearance draws near.

~ , Missing persons advocate ~ 02-02-2008

Thinking of you
Hey girl! Don't think I forgot about your birthday. It's still on my office calendar. Been thinking about you a lot lately. Just know that we haven't forgotten you.

~ , coworker ~ 01-10-2008

Still thinking of you often
It has been a long time since you went missing,but you are not forgotten. I still pray that someone will come forward and let us all know where you are. Someone out there knows something. I know that Our Father in Heaven knows where you are and I pray that He will lay it on the someone who knows where you are at, to come forward and ease the minds of all of us that think about you Ali. Still praying .

~ , Co-Worker ~ 12-11-2007

You are always on my mind.........
I often think about what happened to you? How you vanished out of my life. I remember the first time I was told that I had a babysitter, as I often reflect on the past with regards to you...I am always thinking of you and of who is responsible for you not being here with us to call or visit. I often wonder why your husband never participated in any of the events to help us find you. Why? Is it because he knows it is not worth the effort. Only God Knows. Why he did not he even try to save you home with such a small mortgage payment? Why did you marry such a loser? Maybe you wanted to save someone or love someone, that does not deserve to be saved. His on family turned their back on him from the beginning that was the sign Ali..A person that's shunned by family is not worth it. You gave him your all and he gave you nothing even in your absence.

~ , Your Big Sister ~ 11-09-2007

Thinking of Ali
I have followed this story since the day that Ali's missing was in the news. It is heartbreaking that Ali hasn't been found yet. As the mother of a murdered daughter I can somewhat understand what this family is going through. Thankfully, my daughter was found right after the murder. I can't imagine not knowing where my daughter is or what happened to her. My heart goes out to Ali's family and I hope that the person who caused Ali's disappearance is arrested soon and that Ali is found. I can't think of anyone else but the husband who had a motive. I will keep praying for Ali's family and hope they find some peace in the near future.

~ , Mother of a Murdered Daughter ~ 10-09-2007

I have not forgotten about Ali, no not at all. I have been praying that God will reveal that, that is hidden. I pray that God will show all the truth. I started out being involved in some of the search and rescue events, but however, I became very ill with a lot of pain. I had back pain that I was fighting and a lot of time hardly able to make it to work. Additionally, in addition to my back pain I learned that I had to have surgery. This was serious surgery. Anyway, this is not about me. Just wanted to let Ali, her family (Whom I had the pleasure to meet) and friends know what happened to me. I am still not healed from my surgery I am still going to doctors,and I was off from work for about 5 months. I just got back to work, not even a month. But I AM STILL PRAYING FOR HER SAFE RETURN.

~ , Friend ~ 10-02-2007

Missing You
I think of you daily and still pray that you are safe. The picture of you that you gave me remains on my desk for me to remember to say a prayer for you. I am no longer in Tallahassee so I don't get to hear much about the efforts to locate you. I miss you coming by my office to talk and the many walks that we took together. I vividly remember our last conversation. I thought time would help me heal, but I still cry. I will not stop praying.

~ , Friend/Co-worker ~ 10-01-2007

Wow So Hard To Believe!!
Wow it is so hard to believe your still missing Ali. I haven't been on here in a while but I have thought of you and wondered if you were ever found.. I've even asked around cause I no longer live in Tallahasee,FLorida so I don't hear anything about you unless it's on cnn, dateline or a talk show.. It's so sad that this has happen and not a single person knows what happen to you or if they do they won't come forward.. every time i get on here and I read letter family,friend, and people who didn't even know you that got on here and wrote to you it just makes me cry it's heart breaking.. I true don't know how your family has been so stong threw this all cause im not srue if i could even do it if one of my kids, a family member or anyone that i true love and care about was to come up missing with out a trace i'm not sure how i could go on i know it's something that has to be done and threw the grace of god and his loving faith I know your family is making it..
I've noticed this website hasn't been updated in a few days.. I just pray to god something good will come out of this it's been almost 2 years since you have been gone now i think its time some news what ever it maybe comes out to bring some kind of closer to your family so they can move on with there lives.. My heart goes out to your family and I will contuie to say a pray for your safe return and answers to what happen to you...

~ , Friend/worked with Ali at Publix ~ 09-27-2007

May God help you find her. God bless her mother and her family. I keep you in my prayers.

~ , none ~ 09-22-2007

I learned of her disappearance thru the Dateline link. I cannot imagine your pain and the grief you have endured. After reading comments from Ali's sister, I too would be asking the same questions regarding Ali's

~ , None ~ 09-14-2007

missing you
Today is one of those days.
it's sunday 9/2/07 when you
would call and we will talk about what has happen in this
old sinful world. i just needed to go through the motion so i went to your site
Ali I'm missing you sosososo
much. if who ever did this i hope you will click on WHEREISALIGILMORE.COM to see how
many lives you have taken with Ali.

~ , auntie ~ 09-02-2007

Don't give up until God says so...
I believe in miracles and i trust that God will one day hear the cry of Ali's family.

~ , Someone who felt the pain. ~ 08-08-2007

I love you
hey auntie i love you so much. you gave me a reason to start praying again. i really hope that something good comes out of this aunty. i love you and will be praying for you.

signing off,

lil zeke

~ , Nephew ~ 08-05-2007

Honored To Help
All of us here at the paulstewart.tv website want to publicize information about Ali.

~ , Concerned Citizen ~ 06-23-2007

Sad, Sad, Sad
Everytime I visit this website, and before it actually comes up, I am hoping to see that Ali has been found. It is a very heartbreaking story and it is truly sad that human beings can disappear without a trace. Someone knows where Ali is and what happened to her and that just proves that there are a lot of sick people in the world. I would like for her sister to know that I cannot feel her pain, but as a total stranger this story is very hurtful to me. May God Bless and strenthen you and your family.

~ , Concerned Reader ~ 06-21-2007

Hoping for a miracle
I see on the news that another pregnant woman has gong missing in Ohio. I do wish that Ali's case got the same media coverage. Attalah, I do understand your frustrations, and I do hope that we all get a miracle soon. I know we all pray that God's will be done, and it's hard not to lose hope sometimes, but we all just need to draw strength from each other. So many people obviously love Ali and have compassion for the family....so I pray that God will give us the desires of our hearts and that's to find out the truth and see Ali and the baby come home. May God give you all strength to endure.

~ , friend ~ 06-20-2007

Have Faith
Stay strong and hold on. Please have faith and trust that everything happens for a reason. God may not give you what you want when you want it, but he is always on time. I know this is like a nightmare for you; however in the darkest moments the light will shine. Trust and have faith and turn it over to god and he will fight the battle. In reading this and I to can reflect on my previous experience. I disappeared from my family without notice, but it wasn't until now yrs. later that I realized how my family must have felt.I was sofrustrated with my life that I ran away, not thinking.I wanted to come back but I was scarred after I realized what I put my family through.Two yrs. later I was found in New York. I am not trying to tell you my story I just want to give you some hope. If It wasn't for that incident that happened in New York I wonder how long would I have stayed missing. However I am so sorry to hear of Ali' s story, however I am praying for her safe return. I am now a mother and I can't imagine what you are going through. As I say my prayers Ali, and her family will in them. I am sure your worries will soon come to an end.

~ , friend ~ 06-15-2007

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