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Hope for Ali
I have been coming to this site periodically, since 2006, hoping that when I log on Ali has been found. This story breaks my heart. God bless her family and friends.

~ , Tampa, FL ~ 11-03-2009

Still not forgotten
Time has passedand gone by. To the family Ali will always be in my heart. I have miss the good times we have share together. I forever always adk God to give the family strength. Remember trouble don't last always. Love Ali like a sister and a best friend.

~ , friend ~ 08-15-2009

I just want to express my continued prayers and hope for comfort for this family. You will remain in my heart forever. May God continue to strengthen you guide you.

~ , FRIEND FORVER ~ 07-30-2009

Come Home to Us Ali!
Ali...you never knew me but I have heard so much about you. I think of you all the time...and I think of your child. It saddens me that we haven't found you yet but I want you to know that we aren't giving up till we have an answer! My heart goes out to you sweetie....Come Home!

~ , No Relationship ~ 07-29-2009

Not a Day goes by that I dont think of you...
Ali I love you so much....its not a DAY go by that I dont think of you...your smile...your charm I pray to god that we as a family can come to some type of closure, I pray to god to let the wicked tounge speak!!!!! Mommy love you!

~ , MOTHER ~ 05-28-2009

Still Here Ali, Justice will be served...
Well Ali, It really pains me to have to communicate with you like this, but it is all I have for now. Please know that I have not given up on you nor the road to justice for you and your child. You know that there is not one single day that you both do not cross my mind. There are those who may feel, like

~ , Sister ~ 05-26-2009

I still can't understand...
I still can't understand why after all this time, the family still has no answers. I wish something would happen soon. I just want to know what happened to such a beautiful person with a promising future???

~ , Concerned Citizen ~ 05-08-2009

We have not forgotten
Ali, we have not forgotten you. I still pray that some way will be discovered to find you and your precious child. We want to bring you home.

~ , Co-Worker ~ 04-15-2009

Still in My Prayers!!!!
Ali and the family are still in my prayers! I miss you Ali!

~ , Cousin ~ 03-25-2009

Still Praying
Wanted to say that we love you and think of you every day and wanted you to know that we know you will come home some day and some day soon. You are such a wonderful, caring, sweet and passionate person that put others first and would be there if called upon. You are always in our prayers and hearts. From Melissa, Michael, Paris, Anastasia, Michael II and Kayin

~ , Friend of family ~ 02-19-2009

Thinking and Praying
Hi Ali!! Even though I did not know you for a long time, I think of your words of encouragement often. I remember when my family and I came to your new house right after you moved in and we walked around the park and talked. Also the hours we spent on your porch and the knowledge and encouragement you bestowed upon me about going to school at FAMU and enjoying every moment of it while it last. How you talked about your flowers you had planted in your yard to the purple room you painted all by yourself. Thanks for the conversation and even though it was small talk, it was important and special because we related to one another. Luv ya!!!

~ , Close friend of the family ~ 02-18-2009

3 Years too Long
I couldn't believe it has been 3 years now. Ali's birthday passed so quietly, no mention in the news. I still wonder if the baby is a boy or girl, 2 1/2 now. I really hoped that by now she would have been home sharing her child with the family and her online friends. I still think of you often and keep your family in my prayers. May God keep and prtoect your family and keep them strong. Bless you all.

~ , Family Friend/Searcher ~ 02-07-2009

I won't forget you Ali
I know it has been a long time,but God's time is not our time, and His ways are not our ways. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
I still believe that one day God is going to reveal through someone where you are. My prayers are with your family because I know how hard it is to not have closure.

~ , Co-Worker ~ 02-06-2009

3 yr anniversary
Well todays the 3yr anniversary of your disappearance Ali and only god knows where you are. But I wanted to let you know that we still think of you everyday not just this day. We Love you and miss you Ali and we know that one day we will have closure and see your pretty smile again. And I still pray the same prayer 3 yrs later. Let those involved in your disappearance have many more sleepless nights and get no peace of mind because someone know's something. Can't nobody tell me different. Luv you Sam

~ , 2nd cousin ~ 02-03-2009

3 years
It has been 3 VERY LONG and LONELY YEARS for my AUNT V and Children! I'm only a niece who PRAY'S, Wonder, and YES CRY! But I know that GOD SITS HIGH LOOKS LOW AND KNOWS ALL!!! I know there have been some long and lonely nights! I also KNOW THAT TROUBLE DON'T LAST ALWAYS! I KNOW THAT ONE MORNING WE WILL HAVE JOY! BUT UNTIL THAN I JUST PRAY for GODS comfort and guidance AND YES PEACE for MY FAMILY!

~ , !st cousin ~ 02-03-2009

I miss you Ali!!
I check here often and haven't left a message in a while but I am compelled to say today that I miss you Ali. I was recently at home cleaning out our family shed with my sisters and brother, and I came across a graduation card from you and I remember the outfit you got me to go along with it. That was 1996. You were like a sister to me. I was always able to talk to you when I couldn't always talk to my sisters. I love you Ali, and though I don't not post much I think about you constantly. And I need you to make me a chocolate cake.

~ , Friend ~ 01-06-2009

Happy Birthday Ali! To the family: Please don't give up because miracles do happen. Yes, it has been some years, but God works around the clock. I think about Ali all the time. The hardest part for me would be-not knowing what happened to her. Hopefully by the grace of God, the family will soon find closure.

~ , No relationship ~ 01-05-2009

Hello Everyone. It has been awhile since I have posted here but Ali is never out of my thoughts. I can't believe 2 years have passed already. I will be making another post on Ali on our blog soon. I was wondering if Ali wore any other jewelry besides the wedding band. And if anyone has any idea what she was wearing the day she vanished. Thanks everyone, blessed be to all.

~ , Friend/searcher ~ 11-07-2008

My Heart Goes Out To This Family.
I first learned of Ali Gilmore while watching a television documentary for missing women. Since that day,I have been checking the internet in search of answers. My constant prayer is for some type of closure for this loving family. Ali's parents deserve answers. I have faith that God will soon bring forth some solid information as to Ali's whereabouts. I love you all and please continue to be strong. I feel your sorrow. I am praying for you.

~ , Concerned Christian ~ 09-09-2008

Thinking about you, missing you and praying
I am writing to say that Ali was very sweet. I meet her in 1994 at a christmas gatering my family had. We all felt like we had known Ali forever eventhough we had just meet her for the first time that day. From that day on she was my Big auntie. Ali you are truly missed by the entire Walker family and we pray for you all the time. Love you always

~ , Neice ~ 08-26-2008

I am still praying

I and Mom here in Kentucky are still praying for you and the family down south. I just cannot believe that so much time has past and nothing...my heart breaks. I know my Mom has been in touch with your Mom and some of the family...I just want you to know that I still believe in miracles. I still remember our times at FAMU. I only wish I had more time to spend with you. I love you my family!!! We love all of you and we are still praying!!! Lord, strengthen the family...and keep them in perfect peace EVEN in the midst of so many unanswered questions...

~ , Cousin ~ 07-31-2008

Praying for resolution
Often times things happen to Loved ones that we can't understand. It's not for us to understand why God allows things to happen. Ali if you are alive I pray God has his watch over you and if he has brought you home I pray he sends a sign for resolution. To the family closure is needed but keeping the hope is comforting. I pray either way for God's comfort to rest upon your family you are in my prayers.

~ , Concerned Christian ~ 06-27-2008

It's been more than 2 years since your disappearance and I find myself wondering where could you be. I don't know why the Lord keeps your face on my mind, but I do pray that you return to your family safe. Ali I never got a chance to meet you or get to know anything about you. But I pray that one day real soon that opportunity would be granted. I couldn't imagine being in the position that your family is in, that is why I pray for their strength in the Lord. God loves you and so do I.

~ , my sister through the blood of Jesus ~ 06-27-2008

JOY, reflecting on our memories
Ali, Ali, Ali- I am awe! When I think about the times that we shared together and it is in that moment I can smile and thank God for his precious loan of you in my life on earth; I just wanted to defualt on the loan. Knowing to live means that one must die. Looking back, explains alot of things about you. That is why you were always on track with you goals and accomplishments. On the go, in a hurry, because for some reason perhaps you knew that your eternal clock only had a few seconds left. I am in Awe that God loaned me one of his precious jewels(you) and I am so very honored to have had you as my jewel, if only for such a breif time

~ , sister ~ 06-17-2008

To the Family
To the Family of Ali Gilmore I pray that God will continue to give you all the strength that you need. I know time has pass but she have not been forgotten. No matter what you may be going through, just remember that all things are possible. Place everytrhing in gods hannds. He has the lasyt word. He knows everything. He will give you strength even when you think you can't make it.

~ , friend ~ 05-20-2008

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