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Video of Montel Show
Montel Show May 05, 2006 - Featuring Ali Gilmore

Video of Montel Show
The story of Ali going missing touched my heart and like all these cases, it is so sad. I will continue to do my part to support everyone while maintaining the search for my wife. See link to video clip of May 5, 2006 Montel Williams Show which featured Ali: Montel Show May 05, 2006 - Featuring Ali Gilmore
The file is hosted on my wife's site and will be there as long as you need it. Best wishes, Jim Viola

~ , Missing Advocate- Missing my wife, Patricia Viola ~ 05-13-2006


~ , YOUR LOVING MOTHER ~ 05-12-2006

In our prayers
Ali you just dont know how much you're missed! We pray every night and day for your safe return, but yet our prayers are unanswered. I pray for who ever have you to return you safe and sound! We love you, and please call ASAP so that we can sleep peacefully knowing your safe and sound. Can't wait to see you and your unborn child. Please tell us if you know anything about Ali and if you have seen her. Please HELP us find a loved one!!!!
Love the "Sloan family": Melissa(Missy), Anastasia(Lulu),Paris, Michael(Peanut), Michael(Big Shae). We love you Ali!!!!!

~ , Friend of family ~ 05-11-2006

My Dearest Ali,

Where do I start? Actually, there is no starting place. I sit here crying a river as I type this letter trying so hard to deal with the fact that you are no longer just a phone call away. These last 3 months have been the worse that I have experienced since I lost my mother. It is a daily battle for me not to think about you and worry about you. You have been my bestfriend, sister, and confidant since I was 18 years old,and now someone has taken that from me. It seems like yesterday that we met in Diamond 6. I miss you so much. The hardest part is that I am missing out on your pregnancy, as you are missing mine. You wouldn't believe that I am having a girl. Me with a girl. There is so much I have to tell you as I am sure there is so much you have to tell me. I miss our daily multiple conversations. Many times I have called your house in hopes you answering the phone. I love you so much Ali, and Pray that Allah will return you safely.

~ , Best Friend/Sister ~ 05-11-2006

A Bleeding Heart
Ali there is not a day, hour, minute nor second that goes by and you don't cross my mind. I miss you so very much, there is a void in my life, since your disappearance. I have asked God to surround you with his Angels to protect you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have prayed in your name in event that you are unable to pray for yourself and your unborn child. I want you to know, feel, believe and remember all the love that has been given to you is still there, also all the love that you have given is still present. There is alot of support, love, and prayers from people you would not believe. I thank God for their support, concerns, prayers and actions which gives the family a sense of renewed faith and hope. I have you in my heart. I love you so much.

If there is anyone that has any information regarding my dearest sister (Ali) please come foward. I am begging you, please from the depths of my soul. Empathize if you can having a person that you love so dearly just vanish with out a trace. Knowing in your heart that someone can help you have resolution to the nightmare that your family has been experiencing day in and day out, but that person won't do anything to help. Just sitting, watching, waiting, walking by as you and your loved ones suffer daily. Is it because they are scared and protecting someone that they love in the same way that you love your loved one. Just imagine that feeling no wins is a situation like this, but we can have some type of balance of natural order replaced to mankind. The Almighty God has the power to give us courage and conviction, he is the judge over all.........

~ , Sister ~ 05-11-2006

This is Just Toooo Much!!!
I really don't know what to say. I remember when I first met Ali. It was her freshman year at FAMU. She and my sister Zaneta were roommates and best friends. But Ali became my sister too. I remember her first summer of college, she and Zaneta came home and they stayed at the house for the summer and Ali stayed with me in my room. Ali do you remember we used to get hot in the middle the night, and one of us used to sneak and turn the AC on while Momma was sleep.

Ali and I, also became good friends. We have always had this bond. I would call her on a Wednesday and say I'll be up there to see you on Friday and there I went. One year after Ali got her new house I came and we spent Thanksgiving together and to my surprise, she made this wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and most of all I enjoyed the 7 layer yellow cake w/ chocolate icing (homemade? You go Ali). And every time I visited she knew I wanted one of those cakes and she went out of her way to make it.

When Ali became pregnant the first time she came to Gainesville with a friend of hers and her two boys and she was so excited she was wearing maternity clothes before it was even near time. LOLOLOL. I had recently had a little boy. We loaded her Monte Carlo up with as much baby stuff as would fit. And we didn't even know what she was having. She was so ecstatic. But Ali all of that stuff is still waiting on you and the baby. That is all that I can think about are the good things. Ali, you are part of our family. I mean, her sweet demeanor and loving spirit how could anyone want to harm her. I am sorry I just don't know what to think. And I really don't put anything past anyone anymore. This whole ordeal has been most difficult for Zaneta, my sister. Zaneta and Ali talked at least 4 times a day everyday. Her and Ali have been through sooooooo much together and really, Ali was her only real friend. The only person she confided in, the only person she really trusted to be there for her like she was there. She is soooooooo lost. They had so many plans especially with the baby. They are both pregnant together. And when she gets to certain milestones with her pregnancy. She always says and Ali is this many weeks right now, and Ali would be doing this, or Ali and I are supposed to be doing this. That really breaks my heart. She sobs uncontrollably. I don't know how to comfort her. I don't know how to give her relief. The only thing I know is JESUS. So to all of you and even myself. JESUS died for us. God loves each and everyone of us. And he is too wise and too just to make a mistake. And I know first hand that it is difficult to sit back and watch things like this happen and it hurts us soooooo bad, but as hard as it is we must learn to accept what God Allows. Because he knows best.

So Father God, if it is your will for Ali and the baby to come home, send them home we all miss them and it hurts us so bad. And Lord let the perpetrator of such a heinous crime be brought to justice. I don't know who did this. I just pray that one day God will lay it on my heart to forgive you or something but right now, I too am hurting. Why would you do this to her. She obviously trusted you and you took advantage of that. You manipulated her to suit your own twisted perversions. You are sick.

~ , LIKE A SISTER ~ 05-11-2006

Miss You All the Time
Ali, I tremendously miss you. Please come home soon! I've had dreams of your coming home and just want you to know that I don't care where you have been, I just miss you.

~ , Friend ~ 05-10-2006

She helped me
It was an August night about 11:15. I was leaving the Publix on Apalachee Parkway with some grocery bags in a cart. The car I was driving was not my own.

I heard an excited voice from the exit of the store. "Oooh, Richard's car! Richard's car!"

I turned and saw a young woman on her tip toes wearing a light green store tunic. I approached her as she skipped toward me. Indeed, I was driving Richard's car, the gold Corolla with the Challenger license plate. Richard had been a fan of the space program as well as things medical. As a radio reporter for many years he covered stories on these topics. There was a Kerry sticker on the back windshield. I think this was the first campaign sticker he ever put on his car (our son did it). Our training as journalists required us to neutral, but we weren't in the profession anymore He and Kerry had been classmates.

In 1989 he changed professions and pursued his hobby of data-base management on a personal computer just as the State of Florida was converting from main-frames to personal computers. Richard wanted more time for his children, who were five and three at the time.

Richard joined the Florida Department of Health as a computer analyst in 1998. Shortly after, Ali started there, her first job after graduation from Florida A&M University where she studied health statistics. They worked in the Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Diseases. When he started, I, his wife, admonished him humorously not to bring his work home with him. The work was highly confidential in the area of HIV data Once I called him and heard loud vacuuming. He was cleaning his own office, he explained, since janitors were not permitted there.

Ali told me that she knew the car well and had seen it parked daily in front of the Prather Building in the Southwood state office complex. I was driving it to keep it healthy. Richard, my partner and husband of 33 years, had passed four months earlier.

She introduced herself as Richard's co-worker since 1998. They worked together preparing quarterly reports for the National Institutes of Health. He taught her Fox Pro, software for data-base management. They had eaten lunch together. They had talked about their lives. She then began to share with me a number of stories, some funny, some touching, as he struggled with a badly broken ankle and then bladder cancer in the last several years of his life.

I was fascinated. Soon it was midnight. She was concerned her husband would worry, and I gave her my cell phone to call him. After that I looked for her in the bakery when I shopped in the evening. I marveled that she could work all day from around 8 am and then work in the bakery until 11 pm. She never seemed tired. Little did I know that in six months she would disappear. I am particularly grateful for that one talk we had. She helped me a great deal with my grief. I pray for that she is in a good place wherever she is.

~ , Friend ~ 05-06-2006

To Ali
Ali, I remember when we first met. It was at T.O.P.S. the Summer of 93. We would be starting FAMU that Fall. We were planning on the same major. Although I was a Junior and you were a Freshman, we hit it off and became friends. We lost touch after I graduated, but when you showed up at my wedding reception,in 98,with Albert and Tajuana, I was soooooo happy to see you! I later moved back to Tallahassee in 2003, and realized that we were attending the same church. Of course, it was great to see you then. So now, I am looking forward to seeing you and that precious little angel. God's got this in control. I continue to pray for your safety and your return home. May God continue to keep His loving arms around you and your family, and give them the strength to endure. See you soon Ali!

~ , Friend ~ 05-04-2006

Bring Our Loved One Home
Ali it has now been 86 days too long. I miss you! Come Home! Each day that passes is more difficult than the previous. Another day passes and I don’t receive a call from you, no voice mail, no e-mail, no nothing. Where are you? Ali we have so much to do for my God-daughter (Jasmine Angel). Pleaseee, Ali come home! I have so many great plans for the shower and I have lots of new baby items to show you. If someone reading this message knows where my friend is please, please inform the police and her family. This must end, please bring our loved one home to us.

~ , Friend ~ 05-01-2006

God is Faithful to Hear and Answer Prayer
When I heard that Ali Gilmore was missing my heart went out to her family at once. When I found out that this beautiful girl worked at DOH just down the hall from where I work, I thought Wow! this could have been me. Although we don't know where Ali is right now we can be assured that God is still in control and he knows where Ali is. I pray everyday for her return. I pray also that God keeps His comforting arms around Ali's family as they continue the search for their loved one.

Sometimes it is really hard to stay focused on the Love of the Lord when we are hurting so deeply, that is why we are a family in the Kingdom of God. We can hold up Ali's family as they go forward through this trial. Praise God for His love and comfort. I did not know you Ali personally but through my prayers I feel like I know you now. I pray from the very bottom of my heart that you are ok and that you will be home soon. I pray everyday in the Precious Name of Jesus and I know in my knower that God has Ali in the palm of His hand whether she be here of there. To her family, Just never give up! Heaven is being bombarded with all of our prayers and God is faithful to hear our prayers and answer our cries. Hang in there! A Child of the King.

~ , Co-worker ~ 05-01-2006

Petition to God
I woke up this morning thinking about Ali, her family and all of the people that love and care for her so much. In the midst of those thoughts, I began to petition God on their behalf. I prayed that God will place his hedge of protection around each of them over and over again. I am praying for Ali's safe return soon and praying that God's comfort encircle them in the meantime.

Ms. Vetta, Mr. Carl, Tracy, Atallah, please continue to be strong for Ali. I don't know how you do it as a mere mortal being, so I pray that God will give you the strength you need during this trying time.

Now, from the perspective of a mother, a daughter, a sister and as a friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

~ , Family Friend ~ 04-23-2006


~ , FRIEND ~ 04-18-2006

When I think of you, I think, caring and loving. Your personality is just that (CARING AND LOVING). Your personality is always the same, no matter your hardships (Concerns, Sad, upset, etc). You were always the same caring and loving. You never had a harsh word about anyone, that I have ever heard. We worked together, became friends and shared your heart with me from time to time (your hurts, and joys). But through it all never a harsh word about anybody. You always cared about others. I am remembering a very nice coat that you offered me, and when I asked how much you wanted for it you said, nothing. Ali I still ware that coat. I always think about you, how you are doing, where you are, and most of all, I pray that the Lord will reveal where you are and that you are safe. Ali where ever you are remember that you are: (THE MOST WONDERFUL EXPRESSION OF GOD'S CREATION). Ali we are all waiting with arms stretched to receive you back home with love. Additionally, we were supposed to get together for lunch and I am still waiting to have lunch with you so get yourself, back home girl.

~ , Friend ~ 04-17-2006

Prayers Go Heard All The Time
Prayers are always heard. All the while he is listening to you waiting for you to call on his name and to answer your prayers. At this time let us pray: “Dear heavenly father we call on you in this time of need, asking that you hear our roar of discomfort for our beloved Ali I Grimsley-Gilmore and let her hear us and send her home to our family in good health and spirit. We dare not question you but, we wait oh so humble for you to speak to us about our beloved daughter, sister, friend, aunt, cousin, and niece. Please release your angels around her parents and siblings and the family, and all that is praying for Ali to return home”. Your uncle was proud of you, and so am I. I’m just waiting to hear from you and the baby. God bless and keep you. Love aunt Sennie.

~ , AUNT ~ 04-14-2006

Ali you are in my prayers
Hi Ali, I have never meet you before but I heard about you missing at your church C.H.C. which I now attend. I know everyone their has prayed for your safe return. I have a 16yr old daughter that I think about what if it was her, I would want people to help out too, so that is why I am concerned. Last wednesday they past out flyers to help search so I went last weekend saturday and sunday to try to help. I met one of your sisters and your brother, you have a great family and I know they love you and they just want you home safe. You and your family are in my prayers.I pray, I will get to meet you one day. I also pray right now that if any one knows what happened to Ali that God will touch their heart and let some one know. God Bless everyone!

~ , concerned citizen ~ 04-14-2006

Missing You
Ali, I miss you so much. Many times I am tempted to send you a funny or inspirational E-mail as I have done so many times in the past. But reality sets in and I realize you are not there. Where are you, Ali? Without your visits, phone calls and e-mails, there is a huge void, an emptiness that can only be filled by your presence. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. I ask God to please reveal your whereabouts to us. Sometimes, I find it so hard to focus on the task at hand because you are heavily on my mind and heart. I think of you constantly and I pray without ceasing for your safe return home. I love you dearly. Bettye (Big Chief).

~ , Sister ~ 04-14-2006

Where Are You
Greeting All, I don't know were to begin. I'll start from here. What can I say that has not already been said. Your absence has effective all near and far. We haven't had much time to speak over the years. I remember the drive you had, and the dedication to achieve was so strong. The smile on your face. I would love to see you smile again. Ali we love you here in New York. I pray every night for your return. I pray that someone, somewhere will have the courage to stand-up, and tell us Where You ARE. There is someone out there who does know Where You Are?

~ , cousin ~ 04-13-2006

Brotherly Love
Hi Ali, although I am writing a letter, I truly want you to know that it feels like I am talking to you, and you are just not responding at this moment. That's OK for now so just hold on.

The more time passes by the more I feel and want another hug and kiss like we did about eleven years ago. I am sure that you remember that one. We held on to each other for about 20 or 30 minutes and cried (tears of joy) and just couldn't let go. We need to update that hug, kiss and cry. I remember it being so funny when we let go. We were laughing at each other and crying at the same time.

Believe me, Baby Sis, we are not going away or giving up. You are so loved by your family, co-workers, friends and just everyone involved in your whereabouts. You have so many people to meet, because they know how sweet and caring you are. You have such good character. We are praying every second of the day for your safe return.

I am also praying for the perpetrator or perpetrators, with whom I am almost sure that they are reading this right now. I beg of you to please call someone and tell us where our loved one is. Maybe this is bigger than you thought it would be; however, it hurts more people than you can begin to imagine. So please come forth with the info. Make a strange phone call, hang up, leave a findable note in a common place, and ask God for His forgiveness. I beg of you, please, please.

We are in pain, and need our love one back. We need closure.

Ali, I love you so much. Your brother, Percy "Redd"

~ , Brother ~ 04-13-2006

Looking Forward to Meeting You.
Ever since I heard of Ali's disappearence she hasn't left my thoughts. We have a forum and blog that I post all new information on Ali we can find. She has a wonderful, loving family and great friends. We all hope and pray this has a positive outcome. And once Ali is home I want to come to Florida and meet her. She sounds like an awsome person. Stay strong and hold tight to your beliefs. We will continue to pray for you all.

~ , Future Friend ~ 04-11-2006

Ali, I am a friend of your family on your Dad’s side. I along with many others went looking for you this weekend. I wish that you would call or something, your family is very worried about you and the baby. Your sister Betty and your brothers Zeke and Percy along with your niece and her daughter were at the FAMU building hoping and praying this past weekend for your safe return. You are very much-loved and missed by your family. Your brother Percy talks about you all the time, I truly hope that I have the chance to meet you. Ali, you have a strong family here in West Palm Beach, I no the Walkers, and there faith is strong along with there prayers, so girl just come home to your family. “WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU”
Future Friend, Chris
West Palm Beach

~ , Friend of Family ~ 04-11-2006

I Miss Your Weekend Calls
Ali, I miss your call last weekend. Last weekend was so hard for me. I had to sit at The Headquarters 447 FAMU Way and pray that you were not out there in the woods somewhere. Once again my faith was proven, you weren't out there. Ali continue to hold on, and give me a call, because this is going to be one Big Living Testimony.

~ , Sister ~ 04-11-2006

Ali i just want you to know that i love you and i miss you so much and i'm waiting for you to come home because it hurts in the inside. Love Raheim

~ , Cousin ~ 04-10-2006

Never Giving Up on Hope!
My mother, Betty and I are praying along with others here in KY. I am so burderned for my family and I feel extremely helpless, wishing I could do more and be with my family down South...I know that prayer is one of the things that I certainly can do at a time like this! I am continually lifting up Ali before the throne of God! I am beseeching God for her safe return...I find myself asking how can something like this happen to someone in my family? I often find myself crying out to God: where is she Daddy???? Only our Father knows and I am praying for HIM to give wisdom and guidance in finding Ali! My prayer is for my family that the peace of God will sustain at a time like this and that no matter what...we are NEVER giving up hope on Ali!!!
NEVER! No matter the time length, no matter how it looks...GOD IS STILL ABLE!

~ , cousin ~ 04-10-2006

Faith In God
I was granted the opportunity to meet the mother and sisters of Ali, and I must say that they are truly strong. I know that it is hard to wake up each day wondering where she may be, but when you have God in your life he gives you strength to go on from day to day. I will keep you all in my prayers and I sincerely do hope that in the end, she returns home safely. Never give up hope because GOD likes us to have Faith in HIM. I love you all and GOD Bless.

~ , Concerned Citizen ~ 04-09-2006

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