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Never Forgotten
6 years have passed and you are never forgotten. Wherever you are may you be resting in peace.

~ , Co-worker ~ 02-21-2012

Well today makes 6yrs and I still
miss you and love you.

~ , 2nd cousin ~ 02-03-2012

I will like to say for
whomever may have anything to
do with Ali's whereabouts just
think if this was your
daughter, sister, grandchild
or even just a best friend how
would you feel. If you know
anything about the Lord please
find away to read what the
word say and always know you
may leave this world but the
Bible says every knee will
bow. You will have to answer
even if you think you have to
answer an I don't know about
you but there's a place for
people like you and I want no
parts of it. Merry Christmas
to the family and keep praying
and believing that the Lord
has all powers in his hand.

~ , friend ~ 12-20-2011

Thought of Ali Today
Still remembering Ali and her baby.

~ , . ~ 08-31-2011

Thought of Ali Today
Still remembering Ali and her baby.

~ , . ~ 08-31-2011

I'll Always Love You!
I miss you Ali. You are forever in my
thoughts! Love you!

~ , Cousin ~ 06-11-2011

In my prayers
I miss you my friend. We ran track
together an traveled to Gainesville. I
remember eating spaghetti at pizza
hut and our conversation on the
future that was full of life I pray that
one day you will come back to us
and know that you are truly missed
and never forgotten.

~ , Friend ~ 05-19-2011

5 years....
I cannot believe that it has been 5
years since anyone has seen Ali. I
don't know why, but her face just
popped into my mind today. I
keep hoping and I pray that
something will become of this
situation so that her family may
come to peace and be able to
move forward with their lives. May
God bless you all...

~ , Friend co-worker ~ 02-12-2011

We miss you
You must be weighing heavily on my mind today because i just wanted to see if their had been any update and I can't believe that 5 years has passed. You and your child are in my thoughts and prayers.

~ , Ex DOH employee ~ 02-03-2011

Thought About Ali Today
Every since I read about this story Ali cross my mind from time to time, so I decided to come online to see if there had been any updates. I had no idea this day marked the 5th anniversary of her disappearance. This story breaks my heart and I pray that she and her baby are found soon. May God bless her family.

~ , Tampa, FL ~ 02-03-2011


~ , SISTER ~ 02-03-2011

Still thinking of you
5 years ago today a sweet young lady went missing. I wanted to let you and your family know that you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as I am sure in so many others as well. If you are out there somewhere, I wish you and your baby peace.

~ , Co-worker ~ 02-03-2011

Lord, Bring us Closure
Today, Ali has been missing five long years. I miss you still. I pray that someone will come forth and tell us what happened. Lord, please bring us closure. Regardless of the situation, Ali's family and friends need to have closure.

~ , sister ~ 02-03-2011

Still hoping
I don't know why, but I was
thinking about Ali today. Maybe it
is because Christmas is just
around the corner. I still can't
believe she is nowhere to be
found. It just breaks my heart for
her family that they cannot find
closure. I pray that she returns or
that she is found, rather it be alive
or at rest in the arms of our
almighty Lord. My heart goes out
to her family...May God bless you
all and keep you in your time of

~ , Co-worker from Publix ~ 12-10-2010

Just thinking of Ali
I never had the opportunity to meet Ali but I have prayed for her return. I remembered her today and a heaviness came over me as I remembered she had never been found. Many prayers for her family and loved ones. It is an absolute nightmare. To Ali's Family Members, please know that others in the community are thinking of you and praying that you will not always carry this tremendous burden of wondering what happened your dear daughter, sister, friend, aunt, loved one.

~ , Tallahassee Resident ~ 10-28-2010

Thinking of You
Hello Ali,
Just wanted to stop by and say that you ran crosses my mind and I started thinking about all the advice you had given me about staying in school and being a strong black woman. Wish you were still here so I can come sit with you on your porch cause right now I need your advice. Forever in our hearts, we love you and please come home!

~ , close friend of family ~ 10-15-2010

Heavy Heart
As I recieve mail from your mom today I couldn,t stop thinking n praying for you.Dear GOD,please-please... help my extended family with closeure and your healing power. with all my heart n love

~ , sister through love of our families ~ 09-21-2010

Wow it's hard to believe it's already been 4 yrs now!
It's so hard to believe that it's been 4yrs now and still no word of Ali I pray to god that one day you all get the answers you are looking for.. my thoughts are prays are still with you all

~ , Ex Coworker/Friend ~ 08-07-2010

Still praying!
There is not a day that don't go by that you are not on my mind or in my prayers! You were loved and are loved by many! It may seem to some you don't or didn't matter or exist but YOU DO! Day in day out it's the same we can't see you but we know that YOU ARE PART OF US! LOVE YOU!

~ , 1st Cousin ~ 08-06-2010

So sad
It's been so long my friend I'm so sad
n so hurt to hear that they Neva
found you yet may god b with yur
family I you are out there somewhere
! Hope yur family get sum closure
soon! Much love

~ , Classmate ~ 07-20-2010

Still Thinking of You

Whitney and I still think of you! We are keeping you and your family in prayer. We miss you and wish we could see your face and hear your voice.
Sincerely, Whitney Eubanks and Toyette Screen

~ , Friend ~ 07-17-2010

Still praying.....
I can not imagine what you all are going
through. However, I do continue to pray
from your strength, Ali's safe return, and
for God to bring you closure in the best
way. May He continue to bless you all.

~ , No relation ~ 05-10-2010

Still Thinking of You. Praying for Strength and Closure for your Family
I can not imagine the pain and torment that this has caused this family. I pray that God gives you all some sort of answers and peace very soon. God bless

~ , Childhood Friend ~ 04-22-2010

four long years
I woke up this morning, looked at the calendar on my wall and took a deep sigh, thinking, “These have, by far, been the longest four years of my life.” I never even knew it was possible to miss someone as much as I miss her. Although, I make it to work everyday and try my best to live with some sort of normalcy, the last four years have felt anything but normal. My life some how feels at a stand-still. I said a prayer this morning as I’ve prayed a million times since her disappearance to let today be the day that we hear something from the someone out there who knows what happened. If not for me, or for Ali’s family…do it for Ali, she deserves that much. And on that slightest notion that Ali is still out there, and has assumed a new identity, and she just happens to read this, I want her to know how much I love her and miss her and regret anything I had to do with our separation. I already know that I want sleep well tonight. I love you always my Ali I’isha.

~ , Husband ~ 02-03-2010

Still Missing You
Ali, Time has notlessened the pain. I still miss you as much as ever. Tomorrow will be the 4th anniversary of your disapearance. Surely by now we thought we would know something or have some closure. This is painful for Ali's mother, sisters, brothers, cousins and the entire family. Ali has impacted many lives. If I could just hear her voice one more time or see her smile light up a room, I would be so happy. Ali we will never stop missing you and we will never give up hope.

~ , Sister ~ 02-02-2010

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