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  • Donations: Donations are needed to help with expenses such as raising the reward, printing flyers and posters, supplies, etc. Every $ helps get us closer to bringing Ali home!!!

  • Eat at Village Pizza and donate $2 to the Ali Gilmore reward fund.

  • Flyer Distribution: We need help getting the word out about Ali. We need help distributing flyers to all stores, truck-stops, rest areas, and just about every place in between! If you know of an area that does not have a flyer about Ali...PLEASE place one there for us! Thanks! Download and Print Ali's Flyer Now!

  • Post a Link to Ali's Website: You can post a link to Ali's website on yours, so that people visiting your website may also learn about Ali Gilmore. You can copy and paste the code below:

    <!-- Ali Gilmore -->
    <a href="http://www.whereisaligilmore.com"target="_blank">Help Find Ali Gilmore, Missing Since February 3, 2006</a>
    <!-- Ali Gilmore Ends -->

    From Whispers to Roars, an organization dedicated to protecting families and bringing the missing to the forefront of people’s minds, has created an online forum about Ali. View the forum

  • Volunteers to Search: We are asking for volunteers to help search each and every day! Ali and her baby are out there and we need to find them and every set of eyes helps bring them closer to home! If you can spare a few hours please volunteer to help search!!!

Last Updated Wednesday May 28, 2014