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  • Help raise money for the Ali Gilmore Foundation: You can donate to help with expenses such as raising the reward, printing flyers and posters, supplies, etc. Every $ helps get us closer to bringing Ali home!!! You can also donate online via a secure credit card payment, by clicking the button below.

  • A reward fund has been created by Catalfumo Construction and Development of Palm Beach Gardens the current employer of Carl McLawrence, Ali Gilmore's father. So far, employees have collected $2,200 for the reward, and they continue collecting money for travel and lodging expenses as the family goes from West Palm Beach to Tallahassee.

    Contributions are being accepted at any Bank Atlantic branch under the name Catalfumo Realty, Inc., c/o Ali Grimsley Gilmore Fund. There are no branches in this area, but residents can call 1-888-7-DAY-BANK. If you need any other information, call Julie Ryan, assistant vice president, at 954-940-5319.

  • Tallahassee police, Publix and Big Bend Crime Stoppers are offering a total of $21,000 in reward money to anyone providing information on Gilmore's whereabouts. You can call Crime Stoppers at 891-4357. You don't have to leave your name. TPD can be reached at 891-4200.

Last Updated Wednesday May 28, 2014